August 8 and 9th - Monterey Shootout 2014

All images taken with Nikon D200 in Aquatica A200 housing, Nikon micro 105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR (157mm on my D200's cropped sensor), two diffused Ikelite SS200 set at 1/2 power, f/22, 1/250second

Note: I was out of the water for five years. In early June, Linda R. asked if I would like to dive the Monterey Shootout in August.

We did some scouting/prep dives for the shootout:

During the shootout:

Placed in Advanced Macro Tradtional

No cropping, only minor global adjustments to color, contrast, sharpness, no zapping backscatter with clone or healing brush.






(but, didn't make the judges' cut)

coralline5 Advanced Macro Traditional (uncropped image)

coralline3 Advanced Macro Unrestricted (uncropped image)

coralline4 Advanced Macro Unrestricted (cropped image)

coralline6 Advanced Macro Unrestricted (cropped image)

Not Entered:

stubnose nudiEggs coralline1

coralline2 cab1 blkeyeHermit