Finding Bugs

During the day:

Cover a large amount of ground scanning for antennae sticking out of cracks and crevices.

Look in cracks, crevices, and holes with your 8 D-cell light.

Look for structure:

  • Rocks
  • Rubble
  • Cracks & Crevices (bugs like to have rock above and below them and enough room to backup out of reach)
  • Caves (be very carefull. If you're not trained in cave diving stay out of caves. If it's surgy, stay out of caves.)
  • Ledges (follow them looking for bugs)
  • Eel grass beds

At night or twilight, use your light to look for glowing eyeballs.

  • bugs walk around at night foraging for food


  • on vertical surfaces
  • at the base of rocks
  • on the bottom between the rocks
  • on the top of large rocks
  • out on the sand flats