Lobster Diving Gear


  • 4 D-cell pistol grip
    Some people use a red lens at night. Lobster don't see red light well. But, we don't see red light that well either and your flashlight beam falls of quickly because red is the first color to be absorbed by water.
  • 8 D-cell pistol grip
    Use this one in the daytime to look quickly into holes and crevices. (Your eyes won't have to adjust as much as they would with a less powerful light.)


  • Leather (good abrasion resistance and feel, also less likely to snag on the bug's spines/spikes; but, they can get a little cold.)
  • Kevlar palmed neoprene (good abrasion resistance, warm; but, the kevlar and nylon can snag on the bug's spine/spikes)

Lobster gauge (3.25")

Goodie bag

  • Top half cordura nylon/bottom half nylon mesh (this is one of the best, the bugs can't grip the cordura nylon)
  • All nylon mesh
  • Spring loaded closure
  • One-way opening
  • Standard closure

Live well bag

  • All nylon mesh
  • Draw string closure (wrap the cord around the neck of the bag and tie it off)
  • Add a few extra feet of line so you can tie the bag to the live well door for easy retrieval