Popping the Ab

Last Modified 15-Jun-97

First, Measure the ab

(I cut it twice and it's still too short?)


  • If an abalone is clamped down, DO NOT try to pop it!
  • (There are usually many abalone in an area >> go find another.)

    Illustration: Ab up and clamped down

  • What will cause an ab to clamp down?

    • blocking the surge/light
    • approaching too fast (the ab will sense your pressure wave)
    • touching it (especially on the mantle)
    • tapping the rock with your ab iron

    Taking abs with an iron:

    Illustration: Popping an ab with an iron

    Taking abs without an iron:

    Illustration: Taking abs without an iron

    When you are preparing to come back to shore, Double check ALL your abalone with your gauge.
    (see measurement)

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    Last Modified 15-Jun-97